Who we are

Lokacija Keno KENO Group Company Ltd. in Subotica was founded in 1996.

The main activity is the sale of cookware in the set and small household electrical appliances. Among the mentioned ones, there are the tools and spare parts of all the items available in our stores.

Exhibition and sales offices are located in the territory of Subotica and Belgrade, where it has always been available to service personnel with their help and advice.

Considering the wide assortment, customers can always find great products that will make their household complete.

KENO Group Company Ltd. has been supplying customers from ex Yu (Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, .....). The product range has, due to the quality, built up its position in various markets.

Under the company KENO Group Ltd. There are brands: Konig, Fürstin, Kraft Keno, Keno Eternity, Keno, which meet the requirements of high quality with affordability and authenticity of the goods.

The company's aim is to offer a program that can satisfy the most demanding customer needs.

Recommendations of our customers best reflect our reputation in the market.